Bruce has been podcasting about Super Heroes and Comic Books for a couple of years now with Heroes and Villains and Hero Movie Podcast. He fancies himself an amateur comic book historian, but never had a forum to discuss the current books he reads (and shows he watches, and news he reads, etc.) until he became entrapped by the Chubby Wizard and yet another podcast was born! For some reason Bruce has an unhealthy obsession with Corey Feldman and Alan Moore.


Chris is a life long comic reader, and wrestling fan. He fled from Canada to the states several years ago to escape the Wendigo curse, but with help from Sasquatch & Puck was able to return to the frozen North. Thankfully, he has the magic of the internet to keep the podcast going strong! He now gets to watch Hockey in person, and uses an advanced system of satellites and stuff to broadcast his voice around the globe thanks to Chubby Wizard.

The Mage

He is more than just a person, he is an overwhelming entity that will engulf your mind if you open it to him. The Chubby Wizard is the answer to the doldrums everyone can encounter in one’s life. Once you embrace the metabolically challenged mage’s philosophy, you will understand that the true path in life is one of gluttonous overconsumption of comic books, old cartoons, and Weird Al songs. Embrace his allure, for then all things are possible and we can all be the obese magic user of our choice.

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