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The Leslie-verse is a dimension occupied by the absurd superheroes and villains Bruce creates on Hero Movie Podcast. Given the nature of this dimension, it is also occupied by Adam, Bruce, and Sean - in alternate universe versions that can be accurately decribed as man-children. This universe is very heavy on the humor, but the heart strings are tugged and the action is legit. 

Nerdspawn Genesis is our introduction to The Leslie-verse. It takes our three hapless heroes on a cross country trip and tells the secret origin of the first Nerdspawn, Lil' Mann. Available as an E-Book and Paperback, Audiobook is in pre-production.

Chubby Wizard: Wrath Of The Manticore is a sword & sorcery action comedy featuring Bruce the bard and Kris the Elf-Kin (and the Chubby Wizard, of course). A humorous read that takes the action seriously, it's like a D&D session with your friends that gets a little out of Hand. Available as an E-Book, Paperback, and Audiobook.

The Lump Adventures is an epic fantasy story told with a light hearted touch. It has been compared to Game Of Thrones without the sex, violence and meandering story lines, which leaves one to ask, "What's left?" The Lump is a large but apathetic man who gets embroiled in a battle with a dragon that will change the world he lives in to its very core. The first book is Dragon In The Needles, the second is Dragon In Gallis and Dragon In The Darklands will be the final installment.

Dragon In Gallis is the second book in The Lump Adventures. It takes the central characters to the isolated kingdom of Gallis to continue their battle with the dragon. This story answers questions raised in the first, but gives us a whole new set of mysteries to ponder. Available as an E-Book, Paperback, and Audiobook.

Dragon In The Needles is where The Lump Adventures begins (assuming I don't pull a George Lucas and make a prequel trilogy). The Lump is enjoying his life of underacheivment and social isolation when a mysterious foreign girl and would-be hero show up and change his whole life. Just to be clear, they recruit him to fight a dragon. Available as an E-Book, Paperback, and Audiobook.

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