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The Future King of the Crusierweights


One year later, Dalton left the radio station and I had spent a year waking up at 4 in the morning to operate the boards for Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show and touting that I was huge wrestling fan. I politely demanded an interview with a WWE Superstar for months before I got my opportunity. The WWE was coming to town for Smackdown and it had been promised to us that a WWE Superstar would visit the station, I hoarded the opportunity which was easy because I was the only available wrestling fan to interview whoever they sent us. 
The build up toward the announcement was like waiting for Christmas morning and I would not be disappointed, the WWE told us that Neville would visit us the day of the show. I had become a huge fan of Neville since his debut on the WWE main roster. 
Although the interview had been promised to me, the digital team wanted to make a series of videos where three wrestling fans competed in a game of Wrestling Trivia in order to win the interview. It was like a real wrestling work because they put me against two people who did not know as much about wrestling then me. To spice it up a little they came up with the idea that we should all have Pro Wrestling names and try to act like we were Professional Wrestlers on a Game Show. I wore a leather jacket and no shirt, I had forgotten my deodorant that day but it didn’t bother my because I thought my stink would work to my advantage even though I knew I was going to win.
I acted like an arrogant jerk in the videos and won without effort, each of my answers to the questions I was asked came in the forum of a wrestling promo and I won the game, of course. 
The interview was important to me, it felt like it was the conclusion to a mission I had began years ago. I told all of my friends and family about it, I was proud but nervous. 
After all of the negative experiences I have had with WWE Superstars, I really wanted this one to go well. The best part was that it was going to be recorded for everyone to see, it felt like it would be my redemption: My first positive experience with a WWE Superstar would be on the record. 
The day of the interview I was nervous and forgot my deodorant again, I had also convicted myself that I was accidentally wearing one of my wife’s shirts. I spent the early hours of the morning spraying my armpits with Lysol, watching old interviews with Neville and wondering if I really was wearing my wife’s shirt. 
As I watched Neville’s interviews, matches and special appearances I became more of a fan then I was before, I also wanted to give the WWE the interview that they wanted, I could not be the character I was on The Real American Wrestling Critics but I still had to be funny. I gathered a list of WWE friendly questions, but one thing that bothered me from Neville’s interviews was one where he was ridiculed for being British and never had seen Mary Poppins.
My concern over my possible smell and not knowing if I was wearing my wife’s shirt started to distract me, so I asked someone at the station for there opinion. He brought in a small group of my co-workers to make fun of me but they still expressed their support. 
When Neville arrived I was ready, I saw him walking down the hallway toward the studio and I pushed all fanboy related emotions out of my mind, my goal was to act causal and treat Neville as I would any other person. 
He walked into the studio accompanied by a pair of WWE employees, seeing Neville in person is an impressive sight, the guy is so ripped that I was afraid to shake his hand at first because I did not want him to think I was as out of shape as I am. 
After our formal introduction I began to nervously arrange myself for the interview, as I grabbed my notes and fussed over the position of the camera I told Neville how I had been watching his old interviews that morning and how I thought that the guy who ridiculed him about not seeing Mary Poppins was a jerk. Neville had no idea what I was talking about, I began to feel the sinking feeling I always got before when I knew I had made an ass our of myself infant of a WWE Superstar, but this time I was ready and rebounded. I cut the small talk and went straight into the interview, Neville and I sat down in front of the camera and as I went to introduce us I became tongue tied…
It took five minutes for me to introduce us, Neville laughed at me the entire time. 
Once I got a hold of myself and were able to introduce Neville and I, the interview could not of went better. Neville seemed to actually enjoy my questions and our conversation, a minute in to the interview it was if the camera were not even there and that Neville and I had sat down for a friendly conversation. Neville is an awesome guy and I appreciated how genuine he was during the interview, I made a big deal out of how much of a draw he was when he first debuted on the main roster, during the interview I added some praise to how much of a fan favorite he had become. 
A short time after the interview Neville was injured and when he returned he turned heel, my wrestling fan friends started joking that gave Neville bad luck. 
I doubted it at first, then Neville won the Cruiser Weight Championship and went on Social Media and boasted that I had interviewed a WWE Champions!
Neville walked out on the WWE eventually.
Although it should not, the fate of Neville after our interview made me feel that even though I finally had a positive experience with a Professional Wrestler that it still somehow turned out to be negative. 
( Here is the Youtube link to the actual interview.)


The Magic Moving Game Box with Matt

Shadow of War & Wolfenstein

The new Lord of the Rings game Shadow of War is an amazingly fun and beautiful game that you can play for hours and not even realize it. I have put in at least 50 hours so far and don't believe I am even close to being done.

The game features a nemesis system that is outstanding and full of surprises. You can kill a captain of the orc army only for him to be resurrected and come back as more machine than orc. Resurrected enemies will hunt you down unmercifully and are much harder to kill, but killing them again will provide you much better item drops when you slay them. I once had an orc resurrected 5 times who was basically a robot orc with a flamethrower on the final go around.
I give Shadow of War a 9 out of 10 and highly recommend playing this gem.

Recently, I also completed Wolfenstein 2 the New Colossus. Picking up where the first Wolfenstein left off you resume the role of BJ Blazkovitz and go after the Nazi war machine that has taken over the USA in this alternative take of post WW2.

If you have ever played a first person shooter, you know what to expect from this game. While this game has an engaging story, I was disappointed with the rather short amount of gameplay, which clocked in at a rather scant 10 hours. Be aware, this game does not include online multiplayer to beef up value.

Overall, though I would give Wolfenstein 2 a 7 out of 10.

Wizardry of the Table Top with Jody

Childish Things


I’ve often joked that the difference between men and boys boils down to body hair, bills, and the cost of his toys. I’m not sure that the truth is so far from that, to be honest.


If you’re in your mid 30’s or older, think back to your childhood and remember what your father was like. Did he play video games? He likely played the odd time in order to play with you, but the odds of you finding him up at 2 in the morning sitting in front of the TV with a joystick in hand were slim to none. Playing was the realm of children. There’s even a biblical quote, 1st Corinthians 13:11 that states: “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”. While that can be interpreted a number of ways, the fact is that until Generation X, grown adults didn’t engage in play like we do now.


Much of this ‘play’ is simply a result of not letting go of the things we grew up with that brought us enjoyment. For some of us it’s video games. For others it’s Roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. For others it’s tabletop games like Warhammer 40,000. The stigma of being an adult who plays games seems to be gone. I can’t fathom my father having his friends over to sit around a table and play Dungeons and Dragons, or to set up their armies on a table and pull out all of their painted miniatures to engage in battle. The thought of it is laughable, and that was the problem.


Life is short. Too short to avoid doing things that bring you joy, especially if the only reason for abstaining is stigma. Yes, being an adult is important. We need to pay our bills, be good parents, nurture our relationships with significant others, friends, and family, plan for retirement, etc. While doing that, though, we can pick up a controller (joysticks are so passé) and immerse ourselves in a video game, we can get together with a group of friends and explore dungeons as our favourite character, and we can set up a bunch of terrain on the dining room table and spread our painted miniatures out as we try to destroy our friend’s armies. It’s a great time to be an adult!


Squared Circle Magic with Rico

Surviving War Games - A Survivor Series & NXT Takeover Recap

I have a questions to ask everyone. When is a NXT Takeover not great? Ok.... I'll wait... Times up... The answer is never! The event started with a semi squash between Lars Sullivan and Kassius Ohno. Lars looked like a beast, even though Ohno got some moves off, but you could tell he didn't stand a chance. Ohno was so awesome when he was in NXT before, I don't know what happened to him, but I sure hope there's brighter days. 

Next up was a match featuring Aleister Black and the Velveteen Dream. Honestly, I didn't know what to think of this match before it started. Dream played so many mind games the past few weeks, and the fact that Black would never acknowledge him made it hard to gauge what would happen. Though let me say, I was not disappointed and neither was the crowd. These two put on an excellent show and had me standing up cheering in my living room (until my fiance kindly asked me to quiet down). It was still hard to keep quiet when the entire arena was chanting "say his name, say his name", and then there was the awesome spot where they stole each others taunts. Aleister Black did pull off the win, but before he left the ring he gave Dream and the NXT crowd exactly what they wanted by grabbing the microphone and saying the Velveteen Dream's name.

The Women's Fatal 4 way between Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane, Peyton Royce, Amber Moon  lived up to it's hype with all the women putting on an amazing effort. I didn't watch the Mae Young Classic so I didn't really know how insane Sane's elbow really was. Too bad it wasn't enough as Amber Moon hit her finisher on two opponents at once to pick up the victory and winning the vacant women's championship.


The NXT title match was next, and the ending was something I didn't expect. Cien Almas pushed Drew McIntyre to the limit, but still needed help from Zelina Vega to pick up the win, and become the New NXT champion.

Finally folks, for the first time in 20 years, we got War Games! A match that I grow up watching and a series that one of my good friends Shawn could probably tell you ever winner, the exact date and time it happened, etc, but I digress. Sanity vs Undisputed Era vs the Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong. 2 rings 3 teams of 3 what more could you want. Oh wait, a steal cage!! The action was heavy and intense and only got better when the final team Sanity introduced tables and chairs to the steel cage. All the competitors fought hard  and there were a few insane moments; however, my favorite War Games moment was when Roderick Strong suplexed Adam Cole from the top of the cage into every other combatant in the match. The ended was pretty sweet as well, it looked like Eric Young of Sanity tried to block a kick from Adam Cole with a chair, but took one to the face. The Undisputed Era picked up the victory, but in the end I feel like I won because War Games was so good. Wait, did I mention the 300lb guy doing the VanTerminator??

Now for the Second annual Raw vs Smackdown Survivor Series.
After Smackdown invaded Raw a month ago there was no telling what was next or when would Raw get a little payback. A couple of weeks went by before they invaded the Blue brand. Both brands brought together a lot of great talent to compete against one another. But am the only one that's sad that Jinder Mahal didn't get his chance to face the Beast, Brock Lesnar. 

 The PPV started with The New Day vs The Shield. This match was fun and it showed the strength of both teams. Highlight was Kofi Kingston jumping over Xavier Woods while on Big E's shoulders to splash Dean Ambrose. The Shield ended strong however, when they triple power bombed Kofi to end the match.


Raw 1-0

The women's Survivor Series match was next and it was decent match. Hands down Asuka stole the show as she came from behind to beat 2 other women to become Raw's woman's sole survivor.


Raw 2-0


The Miz vs Baron Corbin was the 3rd match and it was better than I thought. The Miztourage was in full force trying to distract the US champ so the Miz could pull off the win, but in the end they weren't enough as Baron Corbin nailed the Miz with the End of Days for the victory. The funniest thing was Baron saying that "his hand was up so that's why the Miz's mouth is shut" Classic!


Raw 2-1


The Uso's defeated the Bar in a very competitive match with a ton of near falls and tough tag team action. The match was fast paced and ended with a SuperKick party and a top rope Uso splash.


Tied 2-2


The Women's match between Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss has been a match I have been hoping for quite a while. The Queen vs the Goddess. Both woman gave it their all in a back and forth match. Charlotte proved to be too much though and made Bliss tap out to the figure 8.


Smackdown 3-2

Next up was in my opinion the match of the night... AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar. The crowd was electric and both wrestlers were ready for a battle (never mind that it should have been Jinder). Brock came out firing and for a little while it looked like it was going to be another one-sided beating at the hands of Brock. He gave AJ the business the whole first half of the match and besides maybe a few strikes I don't remember AJ doing much. Then the tables turned when it looked like Brock injured his knee. AJ was finally on the offensive and using his speed and offensive arsenal to it's fullest. For a brief moment I thought AJ was going to pull off the victory, but after Brock got up from AJ's Phenomenal Forearm, I knew it was all but over. AJ went for the Elbow one more time, but Brock caught him in the air and landed the F5 for the 1-2-3. This match was awesome!!


Tied 3-3

Last but certainly not least, was the Men's Survivor Series match, and let me say this much, it did not live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, it had it's moments. Finn Balor vs Nakamura and Nakamura vs Triple H, but beside that it seemed like people were confused. When Braun Strowman is on your team and you don't dump him in a garbage truck...your team wins. The finish left Shane McMahon to go 1 on 3 vs Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, and Triple H. Kurt was going to beat Shane, but Triple H turned on Angle to get him eliminated and then HHH hit his finisher on Shane for the Raw victory. Honestly, the best part about the match was when Strowman turned on The Game after the match. I wonder if they'll turn him full face now??

Anyway, I enjoyed both WWE events this weekend. Could the last match have been better? Yes... But I can say the same thing about the last episode of How I Met your Mother. 

Reviews with The Quickness -Week of October 30, 2017

What We Read But Didn't Discuss this Week

Here’s what we didn’t get to this week… Read & maybe expand your mind!!!!!


Black Panther 166 - Its Klaw folks... We get a retelling of Klaw's origin story. He now thinks he's the God of Sound and he's the one that has put together Faustus, Stane, & Zenzi... Not much else happens. For the first time since the great Brian Stelfreeze left the pencils, I really enjoyed the artwork. Leonard Kirk does a real good job in his stead.


Action Comics 990 - Another cool lenticular cover for the Oz Effect arc. Jor El keeps working on bringing Jon to his side of thinking. Supes is still running around saving people & then stops Oz's followers just in the nick of time from destroying the city.. Supes arrives at the Fortress with Lois & gets warned that something ominous is on the way that even he can't stop (cough, cough... Dr Manhattan...). Supes doesn't buy it & wants to throw down, but Jon stops him.... The colouring by Mike Spicer is especially strong in this issue...


Japanese Mysticism

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